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Non Dual Therapy/ Embodied Experiencing / Embodied Relationships

As you read , there is no sense in trying to work out what is being said with the mind, but rather read, listen and intuit with the heart or with your whole bodily Presence.

It confuses the mind, it’s meant to!

This is not about spiritual concepts or ideas. It’s about embodying and relaxing more and more into and as yourself.

l have been a counsellor for many years, but since ‘Life revealed itself to Itself’, and continues to do so, I now work primarily in two areas; in ones own Embodied Realizing and into the depths of ones Soul and in creating Embodied Relationships, because all of life is relationship.

I live between New Zealand and Europe and offer one to one Skype sessions and small group meetings.
If you have a group interested and sincere in this deeper work, then please contact me.

My life and work is all about the descent or the deeper dive…. into the darkness of love to retrieve what has been hidden so it can live. So it can be embodied and brought to life in new ways.
In my maturation process I have come to see that was is true is what is wanting me to become more real.
My prayer is is not to get anything , but to see what I need to see, to give myself away, to offer myself up to the sacred. That is the holy sacrifice.
We are living into a new paradigm of what Self Realization really is , what happens after, and what it really means to live as a full human being.
It’s not what you wanted, but it’s what your soul has always longed for.
It’s not just about Self Realization but what this opens us into.

Our session together is about creating an authentic space for us to be with each other and have a deeper embodied experience of ourselves. This may involve delving into what feels separate and disembodied so it can be unified once more , back to our non dual nature, which opens you and I more deeply into the ‘well being’ that is always here. These sessions may include a therapeutic aspect if required as a Non Dual Therapist, but the deeper Presence goes beyond all therapy because seeing into the reality of ‘who you are’ resolves the fundamental dilemma of your existence and that is the great Grace.
Then living into that is the deeper dive.

We simply sit in Presence, with what is already untouched and free to embrace that which appears to have been touched, hurt or wounded. And in that inclusion, all can come home, in fact it see’s it is already home and you’ll experience a deeper resting in the embodiment of the Love that is always here and is fundamentally who you are.’

This allows for a further revealing of ones true nature and in that you’ll see how all is naturally resolving itself and all is naturally healed, when we attend to ourselves rightly, even though there is no need for healing or for anything to be different than the way it is anymore. With this radical acceptance you’ll discover a natural care and unconditional love of the body/mind and all its shadow aspects.

Then an ease in the life transpires, no matter how difficult the external challenges may appear, no matter what unpleasant emotions arise, because now they are no longer problematic, just simply an emotion, a raw and unmediated or energetic sensation passing through.
It is a continual collapsing into life itself, as life carries us downstream.
And to go all the way, takes every part of you.

“In this, compassion flowers, for the ordinary and tender humanity and frailty of our human condition. And this is where all the beauty of life is discovered.”

A non dual meeting or session in Being, is more often done by Skype where you can relax more readily and stay with yourself after our session. It is a direct investigation to discover the Love you are and that is always here in the midst of ones neurosis, personality, idiosyncrasies, patterning and conditioning. This is without the need to fix or change them. They are okay, They are infact the divine medicine.
They can stay, drop away or come back, it doesn’t matter, as an ease comes into everything…. even in what feels uneasy!

What does ‘meeting’ mean?

“It means:   ‘to not move’, but be presently aware of what is moving. It means to not do anything, but to welcome everything as it is. To see the ‘movement in consciousness’ and not move, simply stay quiet and still with the energetic movement or emotional sensation in the body, this is ‘meeting’ it.”

These sessions allow us to shift from the limited perspective we once viewed life from into the unified All Inclusive one. Then we see that we don’t escape anything, rather we are freed to be (intimately) with everything and that’s freedom!

If we are to meet and be in this communion together, then it is an honour and I look forward to meeting you.

Loving Regards,

Copyright   January 2010