Ego and Source

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Ego and Source: You are both.

Nothing is excluded here.

What’s the problem with Ego ?  ….. Absolutely Nothing!

Ego is only a case of mistaken Identity. It’s almost like we need this mistake to see who we really are. What a wonderfully divine mistake then.
The medicine is always in the apparent problem.
Ego personality identifies with what arises, and is impermanent; rather than with what is permanent and is always here.

There is nothing wrong with Ego, it is necessary for our survival. There is no need to kill it or for it to die. It’s only our identification with it, that causes any suffering. Ego is only a movement in consciousness.
 You can’t kill consciousness.
It only forgets it’s own permanent nature and instead latches onto the comings and goings, which are illusory, because they don’t last, and so what is created is a false identity, a ‘personalizing person,’ a story of self and so the separate self is created and identified with, rather than with ‘Source’.

There’s nothing wrong with this ‘personalizing person’, it’s just a bit caught up and can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s devising and creating ways to escape itself, to escape the unwanted feelings, which only creates more suffering, but that’s not the way home. The way home is to stay with yourself, knowing there is no escape but to be with and feel everything.
That’s freedom and that’s Love.

Oneness loves separation, it’s only separation that has a problem with separation or the ego.
The Absolute reality that you are loves any fragmentation that occurred from personal identification.Don’t worry about it, it’s part of being human. That’s why we are easy about all things.
Some things won’t feel easy at all, but an ease can come into them, when we stay and don’t run away.
There is a divine burning, that can forge us into a being of beauty,or strips us back to the beauty of Being.

We live in an inclusive Universe, so nothing can be left out.
When you see that, then you’ll finally befriend yourself and all the aspects, the beautiful and the ugly, the light and the dark.
The darkness is actually your best friend, because all your unlived life is in there. Your Soul is singing to you from those depths.
Leave Ego alone, it’s part of the divine.
When ego is not okay then you have a problem.

Simply turn your attention to yourself, turn awareness to awareness itself, turn back in on yourself and see what is here.
There is nothing but yourself and simply seeing that you exist. Just keep focused on the fact that you exist, just in this moment. That’s being present to yourself and existence.

When one sees this, ego doesn’t have to disappear. The identity dispersal occurs from the depths of your Presence.
In the living of life, ego-mind still functions as a personality, but now it is not seen as personal, it’s just seen for what it is, mistaken identity.

There is no more belief that ego is ‘who you are.’ That belief vanishes or drops away. Ego just simply functions with all its flaws and contractions. Actually ego is kind of cute when seen in this way, it’s innocent too and is just trying to do it’s best and so a true compassion arises for it.
This is the compassion for the frailty of the human condition. It thinks it’s doing the right thing to protect you. Once you see no protection is necessary ego relaxes, your personality dissolves of it’s own accord, and the unique character of ones soul depth can shine through.

In this clarity one sees there is now nothing wrong with ego. It doesn’t need to be fixed or improved upon or to disappear or die, it is just seen as an aspect of consciousness and so is accepted and can be absorbed.
n fact you can actually relax and just enjoy the play of ego. You can even get caught up in it for awhile it doesn’t matter. Enjoy being caught up, because ultimately it’s seeing, it’s not you, whether you’re caught up in it for a moment or not. It will get digested back into and by the focus of the Consciousness that you are. This is the great responsibility to yourself and therefore to all of life.

You simply keep bringing the attention to what has always been permanent and unchanging about you, the essence or pure existence of yourself, and you will see this.
This is why there is also nothing wrong with re identification, it’s part of it all, it’s an opportunity and a continual process of seeing our true nature freshly.
Non identification or Oneness has no problem with Identification, Re identification or separation.
That’s how free it is.

Are you here?
Are you Alive?
Do you exist in this moment?
Bring your attention back to yourself, and notice that you are here, alive and that you simply exist.
It’s that simple.

Your responsibility is to turn the focus of attention towards and into yourself. This brings everything to it’s own Source. Then you see you are the Source of it all.

Then all the old reactive and energetic patterns are seen, all neurosis and psychosis are seen. They are just movements in consciousness. Your role is to stay in present awareness or Presence………
All the ideas, beliefs, thoughts and feelings of non love will arise, they have to, because that’s loves job, to bring it all up. When they are seen, met and embraced in this loving presence, they are discovered to be love themselves.

It’s a beautiful discovery for you to see and not for you to believe, or to even believe what i say, but to directly experience this for your self. It’s the only way.

When you look for you, you see in one moment, in one instant a ‘body mind’ appearing in awareness, but no actual you, you see in this quietude that nobody is actually there, just pure awareness, just open spaciousness and this is love.
love is nothing, nothing to speak of.
Just pure awareness and experience without the false ‘experiencer’.
Then you can feel every Emotional sensation, raw and unmediated, when the mediator is gone.
Then all that was stuck can flow freely once more.
All that felt unloved is held in this loving intelligence.
This is what is seen when ego is left alone and you return to the Source of yourself.

So nothing wrong with Identification, because now you just see through it. When you no longer have a belief that it’s you, you can just be an ordinary human being; neurosis, psychosis, habitual patterns, flaws and all! You can even enjoy them!

You are innocent, it’s all just conditioning, patterning and genetics, of which you have no choice or control over. However, you are given the greatest choice of all in that moment. It’s the power point that shifts everything.
Then they will all be absorbed in Lifes own way and in the right and divine time and with your allegiance and vigilance to the Life you are.

Just rest as your self no matter how that looks, nor what anybody else thinks.
Right here, right now, is enough, it is more than enough.
If you go to the past or future it will never be enough.
Look to what is here.
Are you here?
“I Am Here.” Say this whilst noticing yourself and see how it brings you back to you, back home.

When you see that you are not ego, then ego can simply function without a belief that it is you anymore. It’s just ego and is a necessary part of being human. It gets you out of bed in the morning.
When you are still, with yourself, then in the very centre of any emotion, you become like a black hole and it all collapses back in on itself and into the centre-less nothing of being, of love.

Written by Jane Rosaline Hunter

Copyright January 2010

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