Life Itself.

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“I Am Life Itself”

At first glance it may appear to be an arrogant statement, but in fact it is exactly the opposite!
We are THAT, which consciousness is and we are that, that is appearing in awareness or consciousness; therefore we are everything and nothing. We are no thing in truth, and we are the spacious, still and silent ‘beingness’, which is prior to all and we are all that is appearing in creation. Now this may appear far-fetched and you may be thinking; “sorry, but I just don’t get it.”
That’s why it’s important, to read this from your heart or while feeling into your whole body, as it’s only realized within, so gently feel into the essence of you, the still being, because that’s where all the life is.
We are the vastness of life and we are the tender little human being. When you recognize this reality, a sweet humility enters your existence, and then you can soften into being human or being humane, which is our natural state.
When you clearly see through the illusion of a separate self you realize that you are Life Itself. It is so obvious and so simple and you can’t fathom how you could have missed it before.
It was always like this, it was never not this way. You are the permanent, eternal, unchanging, unmoving awareness or ‘beingness’. You realize that you have never been born nor ever died, because you recognize that none of it has ever happened and you have never experienced anything nor been touched by anything. You are the ever present untouched and unmoving radiant light of life itself.
This direct discovery or recognition changes everything internally yet with no apparent change on the outside…. just an ordinary human being. In fact more ordinary as there is no need to become someone anymore, so you relax as yourself, which allows you to simply abide as ‘That’, as life itself.
This is true freedom, this relaxation back into yourself, back into the life you are.

When you see, that in truth, you are not a person, not a somebody, in fact you are nobody , it is completely liberating, because then you can simply drop into just being a human being with all that, that entails. Then a true humility for life, as life, is birthed within you.
This revelation just happens by itself and there is no rhyme or reason why. Nobody really knows how or why it happens, it just happens and there is this knowing in the unknown, where all questions get dissolved, as all concepts and previously held beliefs and ideas about life get blown apart and absorbed back to source and everything that came before, dies.
It’s a total negation of everything in one sense. There is no belief in anything anymore because there is no need for belief, even if belief still pops up. What is left is a clear and simple understanding that you are the miracle of life, but you have no idea what that is and you just find yourself in love with the mystery of it all.
You see this is not your life, but Gods life, Life’s life and everybody is this, is life Itself. This doesn’t bestow any specialness on you or anybody else, it is beyond all concepts of special and not special, it just is. There is no difference between anyone, whereas before, you honestly thought there was a difference!

The only difference between one who sees and one who apparently hasn’t yet seen, (because it’s only an appearance or belief of not seeing, so to say it, isn’t really true) is that the one who sees, clearly and profoundly knows that there is no difference between the two at all, not even in the seeing! Not a skerrick of difference.
You also comprehend there was nothing that you could have done differently than what you did, and nothing could have been any different than the way it was. What unfolds in the life is an acceptance of reality as it is. You realize every experience was the right experience, because it is the one you are having. Everything is for life, everything unravels.
You appreciate that it wasn’t really you doing any of it anyway, you were never truly in charge or in control, it just appears that way and it’s all just being done, just happening and so now instead of trying to change or fix yourself and all your apparent neurosis, you see they are all okay and that there is nothing wrong with you at all, nor with anybody else. Then an authentic responsibility can arise as you respond from a fresh yet ever present intelligence.
Neurosis, psychosis, patterns, habits, idiosyncrasies’, personality and conditioning are all welcome and all okay, and then they can rest No need for them to drop or fall away. If they do they do and if they don’t they don’t. They can even drop and come back again!
Don’t you just love that?! …….. it’s so refreshing!
So just rest, back into yourself.
Relax, all is well.
Pain, sadness, hurt, anger, old reactive patterns, resistance, they can all be there. You no longer need to get rid of them, (which paradoxically is non-resistance) how could you when you see they are you and not you at the same time, (the paradox or duality comes together) but rather just an expression of consciousness, a contraction or an unconscious aspect of consciousness itself, asking to be met and to come home in who you are. To be embraced and felt fully through the vessel of your beautiful body, because these bodies are spacious and full and alive with love.
You see everything has its place and everything is okay just as it is even when you are sad and crying, or when you are raging and angry, or when you are laughing and happy, they all come and go and who you are is at peace behind them all, because they are just playing out their part, they are impermanent, but who you are is the eternal reality, the permanent unchanging ground of being, so now you don’t really believe in them anymore and so how can you take them seriously?
You are prior to everything and everything is just appearing in you. It is not you appearing in creation but creation appearing in you! This is the radical understanding or shift of perspective that occurs.
As Jesus said “I am the Father and the Father is in me”. Suddenly this statement is clearly and profoundly understood. We could also say “I am the world and the world is in me”
However let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because really it is just the beginning, as there is a minor detail we haven’t discussed yet, which is…….. the actual living of that clarity in the normal life, as one stays vigilant to the awareness that is ever present, no matter how difficult or challenging the external circumstances may appear in the life or whatever arises in the life.
Living still brings challenges, it’s just they are met now with a grace and ease of being, because this radical understanding of reality permeates the life as it is being lived. The conscious intelligence informs the life more and more as we are drawn to be more available to it, as it.
It’s an internal seeing yet with no apparent change on the outside, just a very ordinary human being with an obvious yet profound seeing, within the life. ….. and it’s got nothing to do with you!
You fall in love with the ordinariness, it’s astonishingly beautiful!
No need to become someone or be somebody anymore when you see the no-one behind the apparent little someone. This is freedom.

So living still brings pain and sadness and hurt etc, it has to, life, which is love, triggers them up, as all old patterns have to arise and are seen through. They just pass through smoothly now as they are allowed their complete expression, and permitted to move through the system, as a wave does on the ocean when it has reached its fullness, then collapses in on itself and back into the depths. This is the same with all emotions. When they are accepted and allowed to be met fully by the neutral awareness that you are, they dissolve back into the nothing they came from and you sense the ever present groundless ground of being, the stillness at the core of all apparent emotions. You collapse again and again and again into the peace that is the ocean of consciousness. This is the sacred being realized, this is the divinity within. This is the well of being, or the great well-being that we feel.
It is a raw and tender life that is able to be lived, where all can return home without getting stuck or sticking anymore in this open and ample release. It is dissolution and negation, as all that was created gets uncreated in the unmoving stillness of being truly held by you, by awareness, this is loving kindness or compassion.

This doesn’t free you from anything it just allows you the wonderful freedom to be with everything, to be everything. It liberates you into just being yourself, because you can’t be anything else!
True freedom is when you no longer need to be free of anything.
There is no escape anymore nor would you want to escape any painful emotions when you see how the rawness of the pain, met with gentle awareness, reveals the utter peace and the magic or miracle of life. Hence pain can be here without any suffering in the pain, because suffering is only a story about the pain, or thoughts and ideas about the pain, rather than just being with the pure and unmediated visceral sensation in the body of pain itself. It’s just pain. Let it be, no need to pick it up or touch it, or tell stories about it. It’s not you, and yet it’s not separate from you either.
This recognition of Oneness doesn’t make every negative thing go away and keeps only the positive, which is a myth. It’s just that positive or negative become irrelevant. Both are embraced and are welcome, everything has its place.
You just live this life as it is, with a profound sensing that life is living you anyway and you just let it play ‘itself’ out as it all unravels and unwinds. What unfolds in the life is a simple yet radical acceptance of reality.

It truly is a sweet and vulnerable existence that is lived when you allow it. Then pain is no longer problematic. You don’t identify with it, because you sense deeply your true identity and are continuously drawn to ‘That’, like the moth is drawn to the flame and consumed, until all that remains, is the flame.
Now it is just pure sadness, simple pain or rather an energetic sensation passing through the system. When one can be with the unprotected, unmediated, rawness of pain then there is no suffering, anguish or melancholy, just a wonderful buoyancy and a natural softening in the life, same person, no different, just a little softer around the edges perhaps!

Written by Jane Rosaline Hunter
Copyright 2009

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